Door Closers

Question: What closers conform to ADA (American Disabilities Act)?

Answer: Any closer that has size 1 available.

Question: What is a tri-packed closer?

Answer: This is a closer that includes hardware to be mounted 3 different ways. They can be mounted by applying a regular arm on the door, regular arm on the header or parallel arm on the push side.

Question: What does the term "preload" mean and what does it do?

Answer: "Preload" is a term used for rotating the closer spindle, when installing, to put pressure on the arm. This in turn puts pressure on the door to hold it closed and have a positive latching force.

Exit Devices

Question: What is the difference between a fire rated and non fire rated exit device?

Answer: Fire rated exit devices have fuseable links through bolts and no dogging capability. The non fire rated exit devices do not have fuseable links through bolts and have dogging capabilities.

Question: What is "dogging" on an exit device?

Answer: This is a feature available on non fire rated exit devices that allows you to push the bar in and temporarily lock the bar into a free ingress & egress mode. This is usually done with a provided allen key or flat blade screw driver.

Question: What is "trim"?

Answer: This is the outside pull plate, lever or handle used to either pull the door open, unlatch it and/or house the cylinder to unlock the door.

Electric Strikes

Question: What is meant by fail safe and fail secure?

Answer: Fail safe means that the strike is unlatched when there's no power and latched when there is. Fail secure means that the strike is latched when there is no power and unlatches when power is applied.